Get to know GreenLake

              Learn how the transition to the "IT-as-a-service" service model will bring you speed, agility and efficiency.

               GreenLake from Hewlett Packard Enterprise will bring:

              • Reduction of company operating costs by 30%

              • 90% reduction in customer support costs

              • 40% increase in productivity

              • Reduced time to launch a product or service by 65%

              • An overview of how much storage you really need for your projects

              • Fast and efficient solution for company data management

              • State-of-the-art technology

              What is GreenLake

              HPE GreenLake is highly scalable "IT-as-a-service" technology that brings the benefits of the cloud directly to your company's IT infrastructure. It allows you to use exactly as much storage as you need. It combines the agility and economy of a public cloud with the security and performance of a corporate data center. You'll be able to monitor performance, plan capacity, or secure new infrastructure - all in one centralized control interface. There is of course a compatibility with your company system.

              • With GreenLake, you retain complete control over your data. You will have a perfect overview of all processes and workload of the IT infrastructure.

              • Self-service portal and intuitive control of HPE GreenLake Central allow more efficient management.

              • Monitor performance and plan capacity based on real consumption. All thanks to a single centralized control.

              • GreenLake frees you from unnecessary activities. It will quickly speed up the implementation of your services and help you get a better overview of costs.

              • GreenLake guarantees seamless integration and simplified process management.

              • Easy to use, fully automated and scalable.

              V čom je GreenLake unikátny?

              • You can use the advantageous pay-per-use payment model (you only pay for what you use) in your corporate infrastructure. You don't need to have a huge package ready in advance to get your projects up and running. Say goodbye to an unnecessarily inflated corporate data center that you'll never get the most out of. With metering and capacity planning, you only pay for what you actually use. Our team, in cooperation with HPE, can estimate how much capacity you will need in the future thanks to the analysis of company consumption. GreenLake is a value-added service that allows you to effectively scale  your expenses and subsequently save on IT costs. 

              • Professional operational services. You don't have to hire people for new projects, we'll do the hard work in cooperation with HPE for you, using solutions that take into account your real needs.

              • HPE GreenLake Central: all on one screen. The HPE GreenLake Central control interface gives you a unified view of all your IT operations and by using cloud native control elements supports the monitoring and management of your internal infrastructure, as well as data management, consumption, cost, performance, data security and many more.

              • Support under the heaviest load. GreenLake supports virtually all HPE technologies, and you can count on professional customer suppport.

              Source: HPE

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