IT as a service - or how to combine the benefits of the cloud and your infrastructure

Every company, large or small, is aware that they live in the digital age. The volume of data is constantly growing and for a company to create value from it, the requirements for IT infrastructure and services are also increasing. This is naturally associated with greater demands on the IT team that takes care of the infrastructure and, of course with rising financing costs. Yes, the use of the public cloud can be a solution in certain areas, but it is not always appropriate and beneficial - many companies are understandably afraid to move their critical data and processes "somewhere" outside of their on-premises infrastructure, over which they would not have one hundred percent control (despite the high reliability and security of cloud operators). Not to mention that, for example, in the case of a new company, it is difficult to estimate how heavy the workload of its IT processes will be in the future, and, ultimately, such a traditional cloud solution may become overpriced.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise offers an answer to these concerns. With the HPE GreenLake hybrid cloud solution, you can enjoy the benefits of the cloud while the infrastructure itself stays on-premises. What's more, you don't buy the infrastructure - you only pay for what you use. This avoids unnecessary high upfront costs for "inflated" infrastructure and the additional expenses that come with expanding and managing it. In other words, with HPE's IT-as-a-service model, based on real consumption, you pay for the utility, not the infrastructure itself. After all, why pay for something you don't fully use?

Simply choose the HPE GreenLake pre-configured solution that best suits your requirements or configure a custom solution with the help of our experts. We will deploy and operate your infrastructure accurately and correctly, and then you can get on with your business.

All IT operations are managed and monitored through the HPE GreenLake Central user interface. This interface gives you absolute control over processes, consumption optimization, capacity planning, and real-time expense management. Yet it is intuitive, fully automated, and scalable. So, with HPE GreenLake Central, you can configure and customize your environment and processes as you need them to make the most efficient use of your resources. 

In addition, HPE offers its customers InfoSight, an AI-based predictive analytics platform that monitors infrastructure health and performance. Imagine a technician taking care of your infrastructure around the clock, fixing problems instantly, while monitoring and repairing thousands of similar environments in this way, and therefore not allowing the same problem to occur again elsewhere. And it's all done for free. Who wouldn't want an employee like that? This way, HPE InfoSight can detect and resolve up to 86% of problems before they manifest and affect your services. This is another one of the benefits you get with HPE solutions.

In summary, HPE GreenLake represents a new approach to IT usage that is based on monitoring actual consumption and then paying only for what you use. So, you don't need to invest heavily in IT infrastructure and maintenance while retaining complete control over your data and processes. It frees you from the need for unnecessary infrastructure interventions and you can use your resources where you need them more. The entire solution is scalable, easy to integrate, and significantly speeds up the process of getting your new services up and running.

The security of your data is our top priority, so take the plunge into this "lake" with us with confidence.

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