Time for a data strategy

High-quality and reliable data storage is one of the basic and key components of IT infrastructure. Every modern company that wants to keep up and compete in an increasingly fast-paced environment is currently undergoing a digital transformation process. Its success is significantly influenced by how a company can work with the increasing volume of data. It should be emphasized that it is not the data itself that is most important, but what you can extract from it to grow your business. Have you ever thought about what your data strategy is? Or more simply put, how to make your IT infrastructure a competitive advantage instead of a "necessary evil"? We can help you with these questions too, along with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and their portfolio of intelligent storage solutions. 

Let ‘s start with the smartest storage, which is HPE Primera. Thanks to its performance, exceptional flexibility, and unique architecture, Primera will not disappoint even the highest expectations. Next-generation storage delivers the convenience that every manager wants - no need to compromise. The fine-tuned PrimeraOS operating system enables 2x faster performance than previous generations and easy management. Plus, the built-in automatic update system, AI-based self-optimization, and HPE InfoSight predictive analytics (a tool that detects and resolves up to 86% of issues before they manifest and affect your service) ensure Primera runs reliably without the need for outside intervention. All of this means your IT department doesn't have to worry about managing storage but can focus on what's most important to your business. Extremely low response times, 100% availability, efficient scalability, and predictive intelligence are the reasons why HPE Primera is the ultimate high-end solution for mission-critical applications and protecting your projects in crises.

Smart functionality is also provided by another storage model, which is HPE Nimble Storage. It is based on flash technology and SCM (Storage Class Memory) - a new generation of memory that also includes power so that data is not lost even in the event of a power outage. This provides up to 10x faster speeds than NVMe SSD technology. If you are considering deploying a modern hybrid cloud where data and application mobility is required, HPE Nimble is a suitable foundation for such a solution. It supports HPE Cloud Volumes, which connects datasets from mission-critical cloud applications (on AWS or Azure) to your infrastructure, allowing you to easily migrate data as needed and serve as a backup. HPE Nimble is the optimal solution for companies looking for a balance between price and performance while easily managing infrastructure and processes. All this with guaranteed 99.9999% availability and with support for HPE InfoSight predictive analytics.

What if you are not a company that has a large IT department, and you are looking for a solution that is easy to use but comprehensive? In this case, the best solution is a hyper-converged infrastructure, that is, a server and storage integrated into a single device. That's the approach that HPE SimpliVity brings to the table. It eliminates the need for a company to have server, storage, or networking specialists, as infrastructure management is made simple through a single-user experience. It also reduces energy and cooling costs. The hyper-converged system also has the advantage of fast and seamless scalability because if more computing power or storage capacity is needed, you just add more SimpliVity devices, and the entire system still operates as one integrated appliance. Simplicity pays off. Additionally, SimpliVity provides built-in features for data loss resiliency, backup, data recovery, and VM (virtual machine) management through vCenter via the Data Virtualization Platform. Of course, HPE InfoSight is also included.  

Whether you're looking for comprehensive storage for your company's most critical processes or the simplest possible flexible solution that adapts to your requirements, you'll always hit the bull's-eye with HPE's expert help and solutions.

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