What is intelligent storage?  

              Intelligent storage is data storage that makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) to actively manage and administer either on-premises or cloud environments, allowing for adequate availability, optimization, and cost-effectiveness of resources.  

              lt is a storage system or a service that uses AI for continual learning and adapting to a hybrid cloud environment for better data management and delivery. It can be deployed as on-premise hardware, a virtual device, or as a cloud service. Smart storage can transfer data where needed and proactively optimize it throughout its lifecycle. It provides data protection and encryption to eliminate potential security threats and is sold as a pay-as-you-go model.

              The world of the hybrid cloud means constantly generating huge amounts of data. This data can be incredibly useful, but only if it can be accessed, organized, and analyzed. Traditional storage systems were not designed to handle the task effectively.

              Inteligentná dátová platforma od HPE

              HPE poskytuje inteligentnú dátovú platformu - umelou inteligenciou poháňané riešenie úložného priestoru, ktoré zabraňuje problémom skôr, ako k nim dôjde, a to učením a prispôsobovaním sa v reálnom čase. Táto platforma bola vyvinutá s ohľadom na hybridnú infraštruktúru, čo znamená, že vaše dáta sú prístupné a použiteľné naprieč všetkými cloudovými prostrediami.

              Objavte HPE Primera - najinteligentnejšie dátové úložisko

              • Do you need storage with the best support for mission-critical applications?
              • Chcete technológiu, ktorá chráni vaše IT projekty v krízových situáciách?
              • Vlastníte úložisko HPE 3PAR staršej generácie a potrebujete upgrade?

              Every company needs to handle numerous business-critical data operations. The key to greater competitiveness and continuous progress is to ensure data storage best suited for all business processes. 

              However, your IT team is overwhelmed with the need to troubleshoot the infrastructure and day-to-day running of your corporate IT and does not have time to deal with innovations. Nevertheless, you cannot compromise in a harsh competititve environment and your company needs to react flexibly.

              If you need a brand-new type of storage that helps offload routine tasks from your IT department and redirects its capacity where you need it most, you have come to the right place.

              HPE Primera  is the world's most itelligent storage, thanks to which you will no longer have to compromise on your business plans. If you have the highest demands for performance, flexibility, and fluidity, HPE Primera is just for you.

              Nová generácia úložiska

              HPE Primera  is a new high-end solution for the most demanding tasks. It combines AI-driven HPE Infosight technology and simplified update system, enabling it to work completely independently and saving your company time. With a built-in AI HPE InfoSight and a perfectly tuned operating system significantly simplifying its operation, the HPE Primera is 2x faster than the previous generation HPE 3PAR. The unique architecture offers peak performance in tense situations and excellent self-optimization, without the need for external intervention.

              • Stay ahead of the competition

              • Flexibility with extremely low response time

              • 100% availability - HPE Primera storage systems have absolute data availability. Available anytime and anywhere. All HPE Primera models guarantee that your applications will run without any disruptions. Artificial intelligence and machine learning help HPE Primera analyze application patterns while helping to prevent unexpected downtime. Thanks to end-to-end data integrity, intelligent software protects you from data corruption and ensures the smooth running of your applications and systems.

              • Extreme scalability - efficient scaling for performance and capacity.

              • Intelligent and transparent upgrades with built-in automatic updating.

              • Easy refresh without unnecessary investment in infrastrucutre.

              • Radical simplicity - set up integrated management within minutes. You do not have to worry about tuning and updating, HPE Primera will do it automatically for you.

              • Easy to use, seamless upgrade - upgrading your storage has never been easier. The unique HPE Primera OS is easy to use and extremely flexible to work with your applications. You no longer have to worry about crashing your operating system during the upgrade. HPE Primera OS allows you to deploy, upgrade, and restart data services independently. This helps eliminate risks and unnecessary restarts during system updates.

              • The most advanced AI for your infrastructure - HPE InfoSight technology, one of the most advanced AIs on the market, is embedded into HPE Primera. Over the last 10 years, it has analyzed more than 1250 trillion data points and completely changed the way management and support of storage works. Cloud-based machine learning can anticipate and prevent up to 86% of problems that may occur in data storage while automating up to 85% of processes that require technical support. HPE InfoSight helps optimize performance and automates your workload placement in real time.

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