Zabbix is a full-featured open-source monitoring solution designed for your entire IT infrastructure

Zabbix software is designed to monitor millions of metrics collected from tens of thousands of servers, virtual machines, and network devices in real-time. It can easily adapt to both older and latest technologies. Zabbix is a universal solution for monitoring "enterprise" environments, incorporating features such as SSO, distributed monitoring, advanced security - "security", no limits on data storage, and much more. Zabbix integrates effectively with CMDB, ITSM, inventory management, reporting, and other types of IT systems.

Zabbix gives you the freedom

  • Own your data

  • Migrate data more easily from local storage to the cloud and vice versa

  • Bet on universality

  • Choose from monitoring options with or without an agent

How does Zabbix work? 

Data collection

Zabbix can collect metrics from any device, system, application, or service. Anything that a Zabbix server can connect to can be monitored - whether over the Internet or internal networks.

Data processing

Automatically detects problem conditions in your environment. There is no need to manually analyze the incoming data stream - Zabbix does it for you.

Data virtualization

The native web interface provides several ways to present a visual overview of your IT environment: dashboards, charts, network maps, and in-depth, widget-based reports.


Notify responsible team members of problem events using a variety of channels and options: messaging, emails, phone calls, let Zabbix automatically fix problems or escalate issues according to user-defined service levels.


You can easily configure Zabbix through a single web UI panel and set up automatic backups.


Here are a few important things why Zabbix is amazing:

  • Distributed monitoring

  • High-frequency monitoring

  • Plug and play templates

  • Synthetic HTTP endpoint monitoring

  • Unlimited data preprocessing

  • Built-in integrations with leading ITSM systems

  • Zabbix Insights & Trigger

  • Distribution of user roles

  • SAML Single-Sign-On

  • Ready for IoT monitoring - support for MQTT, Modbus protocols

Technical support 

As the only developer of this tool, Zabbix also offers a wide range of professional services. From full-scale practical deployments to training sessions that give your team, even more, knowledge and experience. Of course, there is also 24/7 Zabbix technical support in case urgent help is needed.

Zabbix has offices in Europe, the USA, Japan, Russia, Latin America. Thanks to a global network of partners, including us, it can offer professional services in a native language.

Zabbix customers

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