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Zero Downtime Support
Zero Downtime


We are members of your team and a partner for reliable operation.

Zero Downtime Support ensures the permanent functionality and availability of the infrastructure, allowing you to fully focus on the business, processes or services. Using this service will significantly reduce the pressure on your IT department, since our company will take over a part of the responsibility for the operation of the IT infrastructure. 


  • IT can focus on your core business
  • transfer of responsibility to our company
  • support and build hybrid cloud operation and on-premise
  • support for cloud solutions and technologies (DRaaS, DevOps)
  • managed IT costs
  • quick reaction to arising problems and IT-related incidents
  • IT independent of staff
  • support by strong technological partners (IBM, HPE, DELL EMC...)
  • immediate access to new technologies and trends in IT 
  • regular reporting of IT status
  • a single contact for coordinating the solution of your requirements
  • IT environment under control - documented, monitored
  • a precisely defined range of activities and responsibilities
  • minimization of contracts to support the IT environment
Zero Downtime Support - Výhody

Range of services provided within the range of Zero Downtime Support:

Reactive services

Zero Downtime Support - Proaktívna úroveň
  • hotline and helpdesk, where service messages and your requirements are received
  • remote or local diagnostics, incidents analyses and activities to fix and handle the incidents or unavailability

Proactive services

Zero Downtime Support - Reaktívna úroveň  
  • permanent monitoring of your infrastructure up to the application level and monitoring of availability
  • periodic inspection, analyses of your IT environment, reports
  • managed installation and implementation of changes in your IT infrastructure based on outputs and recommendations from periodic inspections

Assisted services

Zero Downtime Support - Úroveň asistovanej služby  
  • activities provided by our specialists not specified in the above-mentioned services
  • activities on request, e.g. installation of operating systems, hardware and software upgrades, infrastructure reconfiguration, data migration, preparation and migration of systems to a higher level and support to ensure the business continuity, etc.
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