Accelerate performance and eliminate the risk of service downtimes 

              Spojenie kvalitných diskových polí IBM FlashSystem a skúseností eGroup Solutions zabezpečí rýchly beh akýchkoľvek aplikácií bez výpadkov.

              How to significantly speed up all business applications? One way is to choose the right, fast data storage. In this article, we'll show you how to use IBM FlashSystem disk arrays to help your business.

              Significant acceleration

              Thanks to the use of SSD or flash memory, it is possible to significantly speed up any common server application working in real time - web or portal applications of all kinds, aplications using elements of artificial intelligence, as well as all database, ERP and CRM applications.

              The difference can be huge. Experience shows that after replacing conventional rotary disk systems with flash memory, the time to perform I/O operations can be reduced, from 2,5 to 3 milliseconds (ms) to hundreds of microseconds.

              „The difference is most visible in applications with thousands of clients simultaneously accessing the same data or in general in applications demanding reading and writing data," says Stanislav Dzúrik from IBM Slovakia about the benefits of the flash system.

              The use of flash memory is definitely a step to reduce the risk of data loss when storing data. Unlike rotating discs, they do not have rotating parts or moving heads above the recording medium, the failure of which usually caused the failure of these discs. 

              Professional care without downtimes

              In order for the IT infrastructure to perform the required tasks, it must be properly designed, properly implemented and operated with sufficient professional care. This requires many years of experience, constant monitoring of trends and training in individual technological areas. This is what eGroup Solutions, IBM's platinum partner, excels at.

              eGroup Solutions brings its customers a concept called Zero Downtime. In one package, you get everything you need for the smooth running of the infrastructure - from its professional design, through professional operation, above-standard support and additional services. The aim is to ensure a well-functioning infrastructure that will run without downtime.

              „Vďaka našim dlhoročným skúsenostiam s návrhom, implementáciou a prevádzkou riešení, vytvárame zákazníkovi komfort a pokoj pre jeho prácu, lebo všetky činnosti a stresy spojené s prevádzkou IT riešime za neho, prípadne spoločne s ním,“ vysvetľuje spôsob práce Rudolf Bohuš z eGroup Solutions.

              The recipe for success

              The recipe for a fast and well-functioning IT infrastructure is a combination of IBM FlashSystem disk arrays and the experience of eGroup Solutions. This will significantly speed up any server applications and reduce the risk of costly downtimes to a minimum.

              Zero Downtime from eGroup Solutions is not a single service. This is a whole concept that includes:

              • Zero Downtime Infrastructure – delivery and installation of highly reliable and powerful IT systems,
              • Zero Downtime Center – delivery of tools and solutions for operation management,
              • Zero Downtime Support – operation support and maintenance, together with customer employees or in the form of outsourcing,
              • Zero Downtime Cloud – providinig cloud solutions such as IaaS, PaaS associated with the customer's IT operation,
              • Zero Downtime Services – delivery of comprehensive IT systems based not only on our product portfolio, but also available applications.

              Why to choose BM FlashSystem:

              • flash memory systems allow several times faster acceleration than rotating disk systems,
              • all applications that work in real time can benefit from the use of the flash system,
              • electricity savings are immediately visible - at least 40%,
              • as part of the IBM FlashWatch program, IBM will automatically replace any flash module that is near the end of its life,
              • it is also possible to deploy hybrid disk arrays that combine flash and rotating systems,
              • a suitable solution can be found for all types of commercial enterprises from the smallest to the largest, even for the state administration.

              Source: živé.sk

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