Even the best IT player can't be an expert on everything 


              In recent months, the world has become quite unpredictable, forcing top management to be vigilant and alert and decide on things that may change and be altered within a few days.  Home office, quarantine, economic turbulence ... Therefore, it is necessary to look for new ways to increase the productivity of the company's operation and at the same time keep costs under control. The solution, which can provide all of this and especially for medium and large businesses, is the cloud. Let's have a look at the reasons why. 

              Thoughts of whether corporate data belong in the cloud or not have been around for the past decade or so. Today, however, this topic has become very important not only due to the better offer of services available on the market, but although due to the current Covid-19 situation.  According to a British survey, managers have had to dismiss 39 percent of employees due to higher security risks - people working from home have eased up on complying with the internal security rules.  Therefore, it is a must nowadays to have cloud business solutions under professional supervision.

              ""In Slovakia, there´s a continuous feeling that the company's computer systems with their data must be in the company's server room and that they do not belong in the cloud. The security standards defined for the cloud are, however, often several times higher than the security standards, the company can ensure by itself. Therefore, the company´s data in the cloud can be, with the right settings, much better protected,“ explains Marián Benko on the topic of the cloud transition. Mr. Benko, the chairman of the BOD of the company eGroup Solutions, a.s. also deals with the digital transformation of companies. "On the other hand, the paradox is that the most common cloud applications used as a service include CRM (customer relationship management) solutions that contain confidential business information." 

              What belongs to cloud?

              Once companies are able to overcome the fear that someone will misuse their data, the worries what to put in the cloud and what not appear. "Simply, put the applications which are critical for your business and which you need to have available instantly into the cloud. For some technologically older, backend systems, I would consider whether it is worthy to convert them to a new architecture," says Marián Benko. "The transition to the cloud is certainly not easy, and it must be preceded by thorough analysis, proper design, appropriate implementation, as well as the care during the operation." 

              When a company is deciding  whether to switch to cloud solutions, or not, it first compares the prices. This is the moment when often incomparable is compared, as some cloud solution providers offer various benefits that others already have automatically included in the price. 

              More can be read on pages 40-41 in the October  TRENDe.

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