HPE Synergy can handle any load  

              HPE Synergy can handle any workload in a hybrid cloud. It provides a flexible, economical and automated solution with simple operation and even simpler launching. 

              Bet on performance and speed

              • One infrastructure for everything. It supports all types of applications and works within a single infrastructure.
              • Cloud-like speed. Accelerate the development and implementation of your services and applications with maximum accuracy and high speed. At the heart of HPE Synergy is an intelligent software platform. With HPE OneView support, HPE Synergy lets you get your services up and running in minutes and in a single line of code.
              • Develop applications faster. Take your business to the next level thanks to the infrastructure that your developers will love. A unified API allows you to automate the operation of your infrastructure.

              Raketový výkon a spoľahlivosť vďaka HPE Persistent Memory s technológiou Intel® Optane

              Výhody Intel® Optane Persistent Memory 100 vyvinutej pre HPE:

              • Compared to other storage media, it has low latency and high bandwidth.
              • Veľkokapacitná a nákladovo efektívna pamäť. Väčšia kapacita pre nastavenie pamäte v dvojprocesorových serveroch.
              • HPE Persistent Memory gives you DRAM (Dynamic Random-Access Memory) speed and storage persistence. It processes, saves or moves data at an unprecedented rate.
              • Much faster database restart and guaranteed security of your data - data will not be deleted from it after shutting down the server.
              • Available storage will allow you to run systems even in the heaviest loads, working with huge amounts of data.
              • Sufficient performance even in demanding analytical operations.

              HPE Synergy versus HPE BladeSystem servers

              HPE Synergy is the successor to the popular HPE BladeSystem servers. It is the market leader, used by more than 4,000 customers with more than 120,000 modules sold. Thanks to the transition to HPE Synergy, you will not only get increased performance compared to the HPE BladeSystem, but also better productivity, faster implementation of your solutions and significant cost savings.
              • Faster - you need 63% less time to start the server
              • Easier - up to 88% fewer operations required to boot from a SAN
              • More controllable - with fewer controls

              Hewlett Packard Enterprise

              Hewlett Packard Enterprise is a global leader in the technology industry. The company focuses on developing intelligent solutions to help customers capture and analyze data and act based on their knowledge. HPE enables customers to accelerate their business results through new business models, creating new customer-employee experiences and increasing current operational performance for the future. 

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